Fireplace Maintenance

We are directing this reminder to you our customers and friends of our customers. Fireplaces and Braais should be maintained regularly to ensure its best performance and longevity. The chimneys should be swept at least every two to three years to remove any creosote build up to ensure it draws well as well as maintain its best efficiency.  A chimney sweep is necessary but we also offer

The following  service :

  • Remove all removable internal parts and clean them.
  • Clean inside of unit and refit inside components.
  • Clean outside of unit , sand down lightly and spray or polish with Fireheart stove polish.
  • Check seal on roof and re-coat with a fresh coat of waterproofing.
  • Check door /glass ceramic rope seals.
  • Check and set door handle to ensure it locks properly.
  • Quote on any additional work that may be necessary which is not covered by this maintenance call.

The cost for all of the above will be R1,675-000 incl. Should anything else be identified that may need attention whilst on site we will quoted you accordingly for this work.

We look forward to keeping your appliances in good repair and thus extend its lifespan and performance.

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